Welcome to my homepage.

๐Ÿ”ž warning: this website contains adult themes ๐Ÿ”ž
best viewed on desktop but should be okay on phones. i hope.

you've found my creative hideout, which has changed quite significantly over time as i'm sure previous visitors have noticed! after all, i did go through a phase of being obsessed with collecting blinkies and stamps and buttons, and to be honest i still think they are very nice.

whenever i make changes to this website, my goal always stays the same: unwind is meant to be a peaceful space to express myself, mostly through drawings. originally, i also wanted to be able to have my unpopular or negative opinions here, but i discovered that it makes me upset to keep going back to topics that ultimately only make me unhappy.

so now i want to focus on the meaningful stuff! i love drawing and creating things, so that's what this website is going to be about most of the time. i like drawing fanart and also creating my own characters, and i love shipping f/f.

about the webmistress: i'm fairly new to HTML, and english is also not my native language. rimworld is my favorite game ever. i am very obsessive about the things i like.

Neocities profile * Guestbook * Bearblog

i don't use any social medias anymore... neocities and bearblog are the only places where i share anything online. the best way to contact me is through discord, i'm not active in any servers but you can send me a direct message, my username is signatis.

do not use or reupload any of my drawings. i do not consent to have any of my drawings posted anywhere else. do not use my drawings for machine learning, nfts, thumbnails, collages and edits, personal websites, social media, or in any other place for any reason. don't be an asshole.


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Last updated: May 5th 2024.
to do list:
* make a page about my OCs
* make a page about my interests and favorite characters
* add more old drawings

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the artworks featured here were created by Unwind
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